I've posted pictures of previous houses / apartments we've lived in in order to give an idea of what our life is really like, but none of them had a yard with grass. This is one of the many things I am thankful for in our new house, which is also much less expensive than our last one and was pretty much the first in a series of changes that God used to set us on stable ground financially. That's also a papaya tree in the background - we grow several of our own fruits and vegetables now, including tons of chili peppers and lemongrass. But one of the reasons I had to post this one is what's going on in the foreground :D


Name of poster: Dave Wicks
A rare sighting! The Roldanasaurus was thought to be extinct!
Name of poster: Dan Emmons
haha, it does actually look like one of those camera trap pictures that get pictures of Sumatran rhinos and stuff :D
Name of poster: Lola
Rare but wonderful sighting of Roldanasaurus!

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