This is a picture of the web development class I teach here in Agdao, right after we moved from the Oasis computer lab to an internet cafe next to my house. I hope that this class will not only lead to more local youth developing computer literacy and the ability to write their own HTML, but the emergence of some individuals that I can help build up to be professional web developers someday.


Name of poster: Dan
hey Golda! the Nehemiah room will eventually be a clinic; HoJ doesn't have a computer lab anymore. I'm teaching at an internet cafe in Tancontian. Cathy and Roldan are doing great(did you see the next two pictures?)
Name of poster: Golda
Hey dan! is this in nehemiah?? oh wow...i like it..what is this an internet cafe or something? oh wow your teaching computer still? thats great! hows baby Roldan? and katie?

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