This is Cathy and I in Malikongkong along with a few of our new friends from that village. Tribal kids are usually very shy, and they are only now on our third trip out there starting to try and talk to us (although since many of them don't speak any language besides Matigsalug, it's pretty difficult). Contrast that with the city kids who just seem to start yelling and climbing on us as soon as they meet us in agdao. And both of these areas are technically within the 'city limits' of Davao.


Name of poster: Anonymous
What beautiful kids! Wish I could meet them! :) Momsy
Name of poster: Myk
that is awesome that you got to preach! haha...I have to preach in my preaching class this monday and I am so nervous! I think if I was in a church setting it would be different, but this is for a class. eh. I shouldn't be nervous. did you have a clear intro and conclusion? did you make good eye contact? did your illustrations relate to your main points? haha..see what preaching class has done to me? =)
Name of poster: Dan
well, Myk, I'm pretty sure I had all that covered, but you always wonder how much really gets through the translator...

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