This is it, the night I proposed to Cathy. You can see by looking at her left ring finger that she said yes.


Name of poster: Myk
she said yes! yay!
Name of poster: Hutch here brother...
WOW! What else can I say? Looks like i'm the last to know huh! Dan, with the loneliness that i'm experiencing for the past months...this picture has made me overflown with happiness. Now you have all the reasons to go further with Cathy rather than thinkin' about the disapointments that we discussed about on the mountains of Sitio Malikongkong. Naahhhh...thinkin' about the past...what matters have now the love of Cathy exclusively, while as for me and Shissy...great friends we have become as we are intended to be...period! hehehehe hope to receive an email from you soon... the_critical_analysis[edited to avoid spam]
Name of poster: hey yo!
Hey bro! I'm sorry...I wasn't aware that my previous message can be retrieved by others. Yes you may obliterate that?but even if don?t, it doesn?t matter to me. I miss being with you guys, it?s never easy to be here alone?If ever you?ll get to have the chance to come here in Manila, let me know through email. G.B.U. both?Hutch
Name of poster: Jackie (from the States, duh!)
Aww, you two are a-freiken-dorable! Dan, we never talk anymore. I miss my favorite cousin in the entire planet. When are you coming back to the states? I don't go on messenger, so you should email me. dementis.succubus [at] gmail [dot] com.
Name of poster: Golda
umm....nice pic...nice eyes katie!!

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