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Update posted 03.13.2012

Since the moment we got word that I had been hired for my new job in Texas, we've been working on sorting out all the details of our move, and there's still a checklist of things to get done. Many have been solved, including the trip to Manila to get Elijah's passport and the document that will serve as his American birth certificate. What looms over us now is the need to buy the actual plane tickets for all of us to fly over to NY. After that, we'll drive down to TX with the van we've been donated, and some things that are still at Mom and Dad's house - other than that we'll pretty much be starting over. The problem we face at this moment though is that we should fly by the end of the month, as I actually start my first day of work April 9th. Now that Roldan is old enough to require his own plane ticket the total cost of airfare is quite high, and it will keep going up. If we don't buy our tickets within a week or so, we may have a serious problem. Fortunately, we do have a lot of the costs raised, and more if we manage to sell our car soon, but even then we're not quite there. I hope you'll join us in prayer for this as we seek out God's answer, either through additional donations or the ability to borrow, or through a good deal on the tickets. Of course, with this stuff weighing on our minds, I've still got plenty to do at HFTN, as we have a team from Canada visiting and taking care of teams is one of my most important responsibilities. With that and the plane tickets, and of course hunting for an apartment in San Antonio, it's hard not to feel like we're in several places at once - but God is omnipresent and He is and will continue to sustain us.

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Another nice family picture taken by pros, now with 100% more Elijah!

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