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Update posted 07.01.2011

As I write, I'm installing educational software on the computers in our computer lab. At the current rate of progress I might have students using them by next Saturday, or earlier. The past two weeks have been pretty eventful, and included our 5th wedding anniversary, as well as a lot of different kinds of ministry opportunities. For example, Cathy and I were able to get together with our friends from church and cook meals that we brought to the evacuees that lost their homes in the recent flood. We are planning to do it again Monday. I've also enjoyed leading devotion and preaching in our Saturday night worship service. I've started teaching a 6th grade level Science class at HFTN on Fridays as part of our tutorial ministry, and I also joined some of the guys from our church in rebuilding the house of a widow in a Muslim area that was hit by the flood. My muscles are still sore from hauling sacks of gravel and pouring concrete, but it was great to be out doing some good old manual labor to show the love of Jesus.

Note: I've written a new support letter that outlines our ministry, and need to get it into people's hands, so if you can think of someone you'd be willing to give it to, it would be quite a help to us. The letter can be downloaded here.

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