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Update posted 06.07.2011

Ok, I'm back up to speed now. Since last update, I had jumped straight into preparing for the team, and they arrived on May 17th. This of course, being a Euroclass team, was a group of teenagers from Denmark who were very well-prepared for their outreach, although since they had already been to the Faroe Islands and Thailand before arriving in Davao, they were pretty tired. Still, they got right into our feeding program and enjoyed the time sharing God's love with the kids, doing dramas and dances and the like. They also did an open-air event at a local basketball court, contributed to 2 church services on Sunday, and mobilized for a very early street feeding run. Since they were about halfway through their outreach, they also took a break here and joined a Filipino Martial Arts practice, spent time at the beach and went white-water rafting, after which they were clearly energized again for the next part of their trip, in Manila. After they left on the 28th, though, exhaustion caught up to me, and I was stuck in bed with a fever. I also celebrated my 30th birthday, memorable partly because I had overexerted myself at the martial arts practice and messed up my foot, and was walking with a cane. Anyway, my month has been quite a rollercoaster ride, but God has been good in protecting us the whole time, for example when the world's most poisonous reptile (the Banded Sea Krait) swam up less than a meter from Roldan and I at the beach. Roldan's 3rd birthday was June 1st, and now that I'm feeling better and the crazy stuff is past, I'm ready to look ahead to making plans for that study center, and hopefully, more work with the tribes as well.

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