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Update posted 03.12.2011

Summer is nearly upon us. Yes, I know for many of my readers, Spring is the season that is about to arrive. But throughout the Philippines, from mid-March to mid-May are considered the Summer months as they tend to be the hottest and driest. And right during the transition from our Summer to everyone else's is when the Euroclass team will arrive. Plenty of time to prepare, unlike last time when I arrived in the Philippines from my furlough mere days before they got here. There has been some progress in other areas, such as preparing to be more involved in educational projects, but lately the Rosemary feeding area has had much of the focus, especially for Cathy. What makes this project important is that it is very similar to our main location in Tancontian, where the church and missions base are located. When we started in Tancontian, crime rates were high, murders and the resulting funerals were almost regular experiences, and the children in the feeding program we started tended to do nothing but fight, use bad language, and break stuff. Some of these older children are now very helpful in teaching and looking after the younger ones in Tabitha: Food For Life, and we have seen a gradual change come over the community, although there are certainly still challenges. Bickering between the kids' mothers and church members in general seems to be disappearing as well. But this is not yet the case with Rosemary. Rosemary is one of a handful of new feeding locations we have started, on Saturdays only, and are hoping to make a weekly program at if staff and budget make it possible. Of these new locations, it is the only one without a local church to work through. The difference is readily visible, as there is constant quarreling between the parents of attending children over who has a sponsor in our sponsorship, who they think is getting special treatment, etc. and the children themselves reflect this as well. Cathy has recently been given additional helpers for this project, but it can be pretty tiring. Lets pray for this community that even with so little time and resources, God's love would be poured out on this community and hearts would be changed, and that God would reveal His provision to lift the burden of poverty as they seek Him, and also that Cathy and the other workers there would have their strength renewed by the Holy Spirit. And while you may have heard that we had a tsunami warning in relation to yesterday's quake in Japan, there has been no visible effect here. Japan, however, greatly needs our prayer.

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