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Update posted 02.18.2011

It's Friday. I have usually been doing my updates weekly on Saturdays, but a schedule change is in order, as I really need Saturdays to prepare for Sunday School. I'm now leading the teens Sunday School class at All Nations Christian Fellowship, our local church in Davao, and will be for the next couple months. Somewhat as a surprise to me, the day before my first class I found out the books available were too far below teen level and I would have to more or less make my own lessons. This challenge has been good to me, and I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed me with very patient students, all Filipinos except for one Korean. In addition to Sunday School, I'm leading a small group Bible Study and led devotion at HFTN on Wednesday, so all in all, my new year's resolution of getting more involved in teaching the Bible is off to a decent start, and I'm working with High School and College students as well, which is what I feel I should be doing. In the meantime, I'm reformulating plans for other educational projects, and preparing for the Euroclass team. They don't arrive until May, but of course the work of hosting a team starts long before they arrive. Another thing that has taken my attention away from these updates has been a medical situation in the family. I didn't share the details publicly, but I know some of you have been praying, because in the end no hospital visit was needed, and even the doctor thinks it was due to the power of prayer. I have also decided to post these updates every two weeks, instead of weekly, and probably let myself write more in them.

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