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Update posted 03.15.2010

As we continue to do our fundraising so we can return to our ministry in Davao, we have visited a bunch of churches in the area and reconnected with people I haven't seen in years. I will be speaking in two of them within the next month, which is something that goes with the territory as a missionary but still makes me nervous sometimes. Nevertheless, I do look forward to the opportunity to share what God has been doing through our ministry and about our heart for Filipino youth and their families. I've also been finding odd jobs here and there, mostly fixing computers for friends. I'd really like to find some more formal work as well so we will be set when it comes time to buy our plane tickets. Our trip to New York City went well, even with the slippery winter roads, and we can be assured that Roldan will have his passport when we are ready to leave. When exactly that is has yet to be determined, but within the next couple of months we will either succeed or fail to raise our goal amount, and either way Cathy cannot stay in America later than the end of May because of her visa. This means I could potentially be left behind to continue the campaign, which is an unpleasant thought. As always we greatly appreciate your prayers as we seek God's will and try to discern the plan He has for us. Our current Support letter can be downloaded here, and we also have a color brochure here.

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